NetMIB in the news in Spain

Balogh Virgínia v, 2017/05/21 - 13:22

University of Pecs the initiator and the lead partner of the Network of Multidisciplinary Ideation and Business Model Generation (NetMIB) project appeared in Spanish national business news portal. NetMIB had its first train the trainer program to develop entrepreneurial education capacity among university professors who later will be mentors and facilitators on the NetMIB platform. NetMIB platform and incubation program aims at connecting university based entrepreneurial ecosystems by creating a common platform for students and for faculty members to interact with each other to further boost the speed of their entrepreneurship capacity building process. The NetMIB project is in the development phase that will include the launch of the first pilot project in September of 2017. By this time the NetMIB virtual incubation platform and the program will be finished allowing consortium members and associated partners to integrate the student communities at different locations in the framework of regular courses to facilitate idea generation and business model building. This unique approach will at the same time transform the way lectures are conducted at universities to a great extent to meet the needs of the socio-economic environment by sending creative, proactive, open, and entrepreneurial minded individuals to the market.


The members of the consortium are:


University of Pecs (Hungary)

University of Tampere (Finland)

North Carolina State University (USA)

The Universitat Jaume I General Foundation (Spain)

South East European Research Centre (Greece)

Cotec Foundation (Italy)